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How to Clean a Toaster: Little Known Method

If you use your toaster every day and have never cleaned it, you’re probably dealing with a mountain of crumbs underneath it. While the crumbs are highly annoying, failing to clean your toaster can have even worse consequences - like a toaster or fire or burnt tasting food. Luckily, it's easy ... READ the POST

Top 10 Log Cabin Incense Burners

What’s cuter than a log cabin incense burner on a cold, snowy day? Nothing. Literally nothing. Having smoke billowing out of a little log cabin doubles down as practical home decor that keeps your house smelling fresh. If you’re looking to add to your incense burner collection or buy ... READ the POST

Why I Got Rid of Half My Kids’ Clothes

One of the real surprises of motherhood is how much stuff comes along with the job. For babies, there are big items like swings, highchairs, pack n plays, bouncy seats, and of course, the little stuff like bottles and pacifiers.  For older kids, there are piles of toys and books. And of ... READ the POST

5 Ways to Get Slime Out of the Carpet

When my oldest kids were little, I had a healthy disdain for Play-Doh. Sure, I'd let them play with it but always on the hardwoods or a tablecloth. The good thing was that even though I hated picking up little pieces of play-doh, it wasn't hard to do. It always dried up and would easily ... READ the POST

Minimal Shared Kids’ Bedroom: Simple and Sweet

Do you know what sleeping with a toddler is like? Not fun. Not restful. But yet, since Claire was born, sleeping with me has been the only way she will sleep. And now, that's she out of the baby/toddler phase, my husband and I decided it was time to try and get our bed back. (And ... READ the POST