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Christmas Clutter: 7 Tips to Prevent Christmas Clutter from Taking Over

Looking to avoid Christmas clutter this year? Here's what to focus on before and after Christmas to keep your home in good shape.

As parents, we can agree, buying gifts for kids can quickly spin out of control. Like, how-did-my-house-become-a-toy-graveyard out of control. 

Especially when you have more than one child, and you’re trying to make sure that each kid has the same amount of gifts to open. (Can you relate?)

Before you know it, not only do you have the gifts you intended on buying, but also a lot of random crap that crept into your cart.

While you’re feeling good about that huge pile sitting under your tree, you start to worry what in the heck you’re going to do with all that stuff once Christmas is over. ( Tip: do major purges before Christmas!)

Here are seven tips to help prevent Christmas clutter from taking over your house. 

Buy Less, but Higher Quality Gifts

This year, for my two older kids, my number one goal has been to buy fewer gifts but higher quality ones. At 10 and 12, my kids are at an age where they can understand that getting a higher quality present means it lasts longer.

Don’t Buy Junk so Your Kids Have More To Open

One of my biggest hang-ups in the past was buying a bunch of junky toys so that my kids had lots to open. By doing this at a young age, I had set my kids up to expect a mountain of gifts under the tree. (I then had to reset their expectations.)

Avoid purchasing junk that’s going to clutter your house for the sake of having more for your kids to open. Because, in the end, no matter how many gifts a young child has, they still look forward to opening more.?

Set realistic expectations now so that your child knows what’s coming and you’re not tempted to buy gifts for the sake of buying gifts.

Try the Want, Need, Wear, Read Rule

If you need some fast and hard guidelines, try the want, need, wear, read rule.

You’ll buy one item they want, one thing they need, an outfit and a book.

Set a Budget Per Kid and Track it

This is my personal rule. Each kid gets a specific amount of money spent on them, and I track it in a spreadsheet. When the money’s gone, it’s gone.

I spend $200 each on my older daughters, aiming for high-quality items that will be useful for months to come. The budget for my 3-year-old is $100. This is because the items she wants are less expensive, and I don’t want to junk up my house with a ton of toys.

Stick to Clutter Free Gifts

If you’re sick of dealing with tons of toy clutter after Christmas, consider getting some of these clutter-free gifts instead. This doesn’t mean you have to buy zero toys, but you can greatly reduce the Christmas clutter chaos by being intentional with what you buy.

Have your Kids get Rid of One Old Item for Every New Item

If you’re in the midst of dealing with after-Christmas clutter, have your kids get rid of one of their old, similar items for every new gift they received. You can then donate all of the old items that are in good condition.

Have Your Kids Lead a Toy Purge

The best way to get kids to part with old toys is to let them lead the way. This is an incredibly effective strategy for kids who’ve been resistant to parting with their belongings in the past.

“Have your kid be the “leader.? They can walk you through his/her room and toys, showing you the items that he no longer wants, uses, or plays with.?

Have an Intentional Christmas

Make it an aim this year to focus on doing rather than buying. Make cookies, watch movies, do crafts and show your kids that fun doesn’t have to mean toys.

You’ll make memories, and I PROMISE not having to deal with a gigantic stuff problem after Christmas will feel So stinkin’ good.

Looking to avoid Christmas clutter this year? Here's what to focus on before and after Christmas to keep your home in good shape.
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