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How to Clean Windows without Windex

Nothing is worse than wanting to clean a window (especially a really dirty one) and not having any Windex lying around.  Luckily there are other things that can clean your windows, and you probably already have them in your home.  Here’s how to clean windows without Windex. 4 Ways to Clean ... READ the POST

How to Clean a Box Fan: Two Best Ways

Box fans get incredibly dirty. And whether you use your fan to circulate air, stay cooled off, or as background noise while you sleep, you don’t want to breathe in all of the dust your fan accumulates. Luckily, cleaning a box fan is super easy. Here’s how. The Two Best Ways to Clean a Box ... READ the POST

Where to Donate Baby Clothes: Top 7 Places

Anyone with a little one knows how fast they grow. One day you’re planning where to put the crib, and the next, you’re watching a one-year-old smash up a birthday cake and thinking about the inevitable sugar rush you’re going to need to handle later. They grow so quickly in such a short time ... READ the POST

Cluttered House? Get Rid of These Six Things…

A cluttered house can be such a mental drain. Not only is it harder to find things - clutter is distracting.  It’s hard to concentrate on anything worthwhile when you feel like you *should* be doing something about the messes in your home. Trust me; I know how you feel. After giving ... READ the POST

Decluttering Before and After Pics (Realistic!)

Are you intimidated by some of the decluttering pictures you see on Pinterest and Instagram? I'll admit, a lot of them are pretty awesome. They start with horrible, cluttered spaces and end up with bright, beautiful, clean results. However, in most of these pictures, a lot of moolah is being ... READ the POST