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How to Deep Clean Your Living Room (Free Checklist)

It’s no secret – the kitchen is the “hub” of the home and gets the most practical use, however, the one room in my house that is the most messy-looking is always the living room. It’s where toys are dumped and kinetic sand is strewn about. It has become a hotspot for homeschooling and the […]

Moms, The One Thing You Need to STOP Organizing

When my oldest two girls were toddler and preschool aged, I was a fanatic about keeping my home spotless. A total basket-case. The floors were always swept and mopped. If someone was coming over, no toys could be strewn about. I never left a dirty dish in sight. And…I liked everything to be beautifully organized, […]

Painted Linoleum Floors: Before and After, Pros and Cons

A couple months ago I decided to give my kid’s bathroom an update. And in my true nature the update consisted mostly of painting things… I painted the cabinets. The countertops were painted with chalk paint! I painted the linoleum floors. My girls and I even did a cool accent wall. And of course, I […]

How to Deep Clean Your Bedroom (With free Checklist)

Do you manage to keep all the main living areas of your house clean but somehow fail to consistently keep up with your bedroom? If so, you and should I be friends.              I always take the time to clean everyone else’s spaces but then neglect my own. That’s the life of a mom, I suppose. […]

How to Deep Clean a Bathroom (Free Printable Checklist)

Raise your hand if you enjoy cleaning the bathroom. What!? No hands up? Well, like it or not, your bathroom won’t clean itself. And for this particular room, the longer you let it go – the more you’ll regret it. I aim to clean my bathrooms at least once per week. After all, some pretty […]

DIY Kids Table with Chalkboard Top (Cheap, Easy Project)

When my oldest two daughters were four and five my then-boss handed me down a nice, wooden kid’s table that his daughter had outgrown. It had a couple stickers and marker marks on it but overall was in pretty good shape and suited them well. Fast forward six years and my now-three year old daughter […]


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