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How to Clean Rough Wood Ceiling Beams

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning your wood ceiling beams?

Hand raises….🙋‍♀️

Seriously, it’s not fun. And if you’re like me, with rough wood throughout your house, you know the struggle of trying to dust the beams. 

Even though reaching up to clean beams is something I’d rather not do, I love the look of them and have found a system that works well.

Here’s how to clean rough wood ceiling beams.

The Best Way to Clean Rough Wood Ceiling Beams

First, use a large soft-bristled duster brush and go over all of the beams. 

(Don’t use cloth or microfiber brushes because they will snag on the rough wood. Don’t use hard-bristled brushes because they will scuff up your wood. You need a soft-bristled brush on a telescopic pole so that it’s easy to reach.)

After you’ve brushed the beams, go over them with your shop vac, sucking up all of the loose dust and cobwebs.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your beams, you may need to repeat this process twice to remove the dust and cobwebs thoroughly.

And of course, a lot of the dust will fall to the floor, so you’ll need to sweep afterward.

Where to Find a Soft-Bristled Duster Brush

If you don’t currently have a duster brush suitable for your rough wood beams, I recommend trying this one.

It has an extension pole that will allow you to reach your ceilings easily. 

Do a couple of spot tests in an inconspicuous place to make sure that it doesn’t hurt your wood beams.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ceiling Beams?

To keep your beams dust-free, you can repeat this process every month or two.

If you incorporate this into a regular cleaning schedule, you won’t have to worry about dust building up on your beams.

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