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How to Clean Your Baseboards without Bending Over

hack for cleaning baseboards without bending over

What is it about cleaning baseboards that seems like such a chore?

Oh wait, I know…it’s the bending over!

Cleaning baseboards is not only boring but also has the potential to cause some major back strain. Luckily, I’ve found a hack to get around this, and it works very well.

Here’s how to effectively clean your baseboards without bending over.

Supplies Needed

You probably have everything you need for this hack laying around the house. Here’s a list of what you need:

  • A broom 
  • An old t-shirt or towel
  • A stretchy headband
  • Cleaning spray

How to Clean Your Baseboards without Bending Over


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After you’ve gathered your supplies, here’s what to do:

Fold up your towel and wrap it around the bristles of your broom. Now, secure it with the headband. (You may have to tighten or loosen your headband to get the proper tension.)

Spray some multi-purpose cleaner or wood polish on the bottom of the broom towel and start cleaning.

This works extremely well for cleaning your baseboards and ceiling. 

(Watch the TikTok video above to see exactly how this hack works.)

Easy and Effective

You can now clean your baseboard without bending over. And best of all, you’ll have them sparkly clean in record time.

You can also use this to remove cobwebs from ceilings, clean wood paneling, and crown molding. 

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How to clean your baseboards without bending over.

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