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How to Clean Your House in One Hour

How to clean your house in one hour.

So, you want to have a clear, focused, productive, FUN week…but you feel guilty about not cleaning the house.

Plus, the mess that surrounds you is completely dragging down your productivity vibes.

But there’s so much that you need to do this week, and cleaning the house isn’t at the top of that priority list. 

And now, you’re stressing over what to do about it – do you ignore the mess or put your foot down and whip your house into shape?

What if you meet in the middle?

If your house isn’t too bad, I’m betting you can clean the entire thing in an hour. (Set your timer and try.) If your house IS that bad (everyone with small kids knows this feeling), then you can at least fully clean the main area in one hour.

I promise it’s not that hard. Here’s how to clean your house in one hour.

How to Clean Your House in One Hour: Order of Operations

Start a Load of Laundry. (3 min.)

Go through the main areas of your home (kitchen, living room, dining room, main bathroom) with a trash bag and quickly pick up all the trash you find. (3 min.)

Go through the main areas with a laundry basket and quickly pick up all the dirty clothes you find. (3 min.)

Go through your home’s main areas with another basket and pick up any items that belong in a bedroom or upstairs. (If you have an upstairs.) Place that basket aside. (3min.)


Put items back in cabinets, load the dishwasher, knock crumbs off the table and counters, and wipe down hard surfaces. Sweep and mop. (15 min.)


Do a quick tidy (fold throw blankets, pick up books off the floor, etc.), wipe down hard surfaces, sweep. (10 min.)


Wipe down counters and sink, wipe the mirror, switch out the trash, clean the toilet, sweep, and mop. (10 min.)

Switch out and fold laundry – (7 min.)

Empty the basket that has belongings that go in other rooms. (5 min.)

TOTAL – 59 min.

Other Helpful Tips

Looking to up the ante and motivation a bit more? There are plenty of hacks you can incorporate to make cleaning more pleasant and quick. I recommend checking out these cleaning motivation hacks but also try these methods.

Set a Timer – If you’re competitive, setting a timer is always a good strategy. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes per room that you’re working on and try to beat the clock.

Make Your Kids Help – Your kids can help; they truly can. No, their work may not be perfect, but the only way to grow their cleaning skills is by letting them practice.

Work from Top to Bottom – Whenever you’re working in a room, always work from top to bottom. That means putting things away and dusting first, sweeping and mopping last.

Fold Laundry While Watching TV – Folding laundry is a mindless task; that’s why it’s a great one to be paired with another activity. 

Listen to a Podcast, Audiobook, or Music – I love catching up on all my fave true crime podcasts when I clean. Cleaning is a great time to start a new audiobook, listen to a docuseries, or enjoy your favorite music.

The Less Stuff You Have, The Easier it is to Keep Your House Clean

As a final tip and the most important of all, the fewer belongings you have, the easier it will be to keep your home clean and organized. If you need a jump start to get your home decluttered, you can grab a free decluttering checklist down below.

How to clean your house in one hour.
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