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10 Cleaning Motivation Hacks Neat Freaks Want You to Know

Staring down a mountain of housework? These ten cleaning motivation hacks will bring out your inner neat freak and make your house sparkle.

Do you struggle with motivation when it comes to cleaning your home? If so, you’re not alone.

It’s not uncommon to feel unmotivated to clean – especially when you’re busy, have kids at home, or just want to put your feet up and relax. The problem, though, is that if you succumb to the lack of motivation day after day, the messes pile up, and cleaning then feels like even more of a daunting chore.

So, what’s an unmotivated girl to do?

I’ve rounded up ten of my favorite cleaning motivation hacks that will inspire you to bring your inner neat freak out.

Start with Your “Domino” Room

The “Domino” room is the room that, once you clean it, inspires you to clean the rest of your home. There’s no right or wrong answer, but generally, I see people go about this room in two ways.

The first is the room that is used most often and gets dirty the quickest. For me, this is the kitchen and is where I always start cleaning. The second option is the room that gets used the least and therefore cleaned the least.

Whatever room motivates you to keep going is your domino room.

Occupy Your Mind During Deep Cleans

Not every day warrants a deep clean, but once a week does.

Listen to a podcast, music, or audiobook on your deep clean days. It will make the chores actually enjoyable.

Watch YouTube Cleaning Motivation Videos

I got sucked into the weird world of cleaning motivation YouTube videos last year, and let me tell you? I’m¬†hooked.

It’s weird to admit that watching other women clean their house inspires me to clean my own, but it does! And since these videos get hundreds of thousands of views, I know I’m not the only one.

Here are a few of my favorite cleaning motivation hacks YouTubers I recommend you check out:

Set the Timer for 15 Minutes

For those days that you’re arguing with yourself (you do that right?) and KNOW that you need to clean messes, set your timer for 15 minutes and get as much done as you possibly can.

This may inspire you to keep going, or you may clean for 15 minutes and be done. Either way, you’ll have got some cleaning marked off your to-do list.

Invite People Over

Need cleaning motivation hacks for a deep clean? Invite people over for dinner or a small party.

There’s nothing like expected company to motivate you to clean! So, if you need external pressure to whip your house into shape, try this cleaning motivation hack.

Create Daily Must-Do?s

The secret to a house that always looks clean? Habits.

Habits are instinctual. You don’t have to think to do them -you just do them – like brushing your teeth or showering.

By making a habit of doing a few basic chores each day, your house will always stay relatively clean.

My habits include unloading the dishwasher every morning, loading the dishwasher after breakfast, cleaning up toys before bed, and doing one load of laundry per day. None of this takes much time, but it keeps me from being buried in housework.

Keep Your House at “10 Minutes from Clean”

I heard this fun hack from Preston on the now-defunct Chris Loves Julia podcast. According to Preston, he and his wife always keep their home ?10 minutes from clean.? This means they can spend ten minutes and their house will be in good shape at any given point.

Focus on One Room Per Day

If you need to clean the entire house but are working with limited motivation or time, focus on one room per day. Clean nothing but your designated space for the day, and then repeat until you’ve made your way through your home.

Challenge Yourself to Find 20 Items to Pitch

Do you have a lot of clutter pile up? A quick and easy way to get your motivation rolling is to walk around the house and find twenty items you can throw away or donate. These items can be as small as paper clips or as large as that chair that needs to head to the dump.

Think of the End Result

When my house is a mess, so is my brain. Can you relate? If so, you may get trapped in a bit of overwhelm when you try to clean.

Instead of focusing on the messes, you have now, try and point your energy toward the results you want.

Best cleaning motivation hacks.
Staring down a mountain of housework? These ten cleaning motivation hacks will bring out your inner neat freak and make your house sparkle.
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