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Log Cabin Master Bedroom Mini-Makeover

When we first viewed this house, the master bedroom was one room I truly loved.

It felt massive – bigger than our previous living room. It had tall vaulted ceilings with beautiful beams and his and hers closet. (The closets aren’t terribly big, but it’s very nice to be able to organize your own closet and not have to share!)

Some things I didn’t like – mainly just the paint colors. That’s what the room needed: a fresh coat of paint and a good scrub down.

Log Cabin Master Bedroom – Before and After

Here’s what our log cabin master bedroom looked like when we moved in:

And the other side:

log cabin master bedroom

Green, maroon, and mauve seem to be recurring colors the previous owners loved. (Also, note the beautiful wallpaper and snazzy brown toilet in the master bath!)

Really there wasn’t a whole lot to be done with this room. All I was going for was a clean feel.

Since I was 7 months pregnant, when I painted this room, repainting all of the trim would be far more work than I was capable of. I decided to work with the brown trim and paint the walls a light beige color to coordinate.

(And don’t worry. My husband was the one to get on the ladder and hit the tall spots!)

Here’s where we ended up:

And the other side:

log cabin master bedroom

Overall this has been one of the easiest room makeovers we’ve done. Almost every other room required removing wallpaper, repairing walls, and painting out funky colored trim.

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