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Where to Donate a Car Seat: Your Best Bet for 2022

If your baby has recently grown out of her car seat and it’s still in excellent condition, you’re probably ready to donate. Especially if you paid a lot of money for the seat and barely got to use it. While donating a car seat is a great idea in theory, car seats are much harder […]

How to Organize Your Small Laundry Room: 7 Brilliant Ideas

If you have a tiny laundry room, you might think you’re stuck with permanent disorganization – especially if you have a large family. But this isn’t true. If you’re willing to do a thorough clean-out, you can organize the stuff you truly need in a clever and visually appealing way. Here’s how to organize your […]

Where to Donate Your Old Piano: 8 Solid Options

If you have a piano you don’t want or use, you might think getting rid of it would be hard. It turns out it’s not. Many organizations are more than happy to accept the donation of your old piano. Here’s where to donate your old piano so that it benefits someone in need. Top Places […]

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from a Wood Table

You pull out your stash of acrylic paint and set it up on your wood table, hoping to keep the kids busy while you get some work done. A couple of hours go by, and as you’re putting the paint away, you spot several dots of color. Now, you’re wondering how to clean it up. […]

How to Disinfect a Fabric Couch: 3 Methods that Work

While comfy and practical, fabric couches are the perfect breeding ground for germs. If you’ve had a virus floating around your house or are deep cleaning your living room, disinfecting your couch should be a priority. Luckily, doing so isn’t hard. There are three super effective ways to disinfect, depending on the supplies you have […]

Where to Donate Granite Counters: Your Top Three Options

If you’re replacing your old granite counters, think twice before taking them to the dump. While you may no longer like the way they look, plenty of homeowners will be happy to have them. Here’s where to donate granite countertops and what to do if your counters are too small to give away. Top 3 […]